The Photography Studio
Award Winning Photography By Carolyn Wright



As far as clothing, if you're not sure what to wear, bring a couple of your favorite outfits, and we can help you select which will photograph the best. We have a dressing room, so changing clothes is no problem. Spring or fall colors always look great. Avoid overly bright colors, lots of white, lots of black, or big patterns. Also, long sleeves photograph better than short sleeves, as short sleeves tend to visually cut the arm in half.  Jewelry is fine, but avoid large, highly reflective pieces.

For the photos of the whole family, make sure everyone's clothes match to some extent. If one person wears pink, one wears green and one wears blue, it can be distracting. Try to pick a couple of complementary colors, like blues and greys, or greens and browns, and have everyone wear those shades. That way, the focus of the photo will be your faces, rather than having lots of different colors competing for attention.


Hair and Makeup


Make sure you look natural for your portrait - that you look like the person you truly are at this point in your life. DON’T get a new haircut right before your portrait session. If you’re getting it cut, be sure and allow a week or so for it to “settle down” before picture day. If you’re having your hair styled, don’t experiment with a wild new look for your portrait. You’ll probably end up feeling like your portraits look like someone else. It’s fine to go to a stylist before your session, but it’s best to maintain a look you’re already comfortable with. If you wear make-up, apply it as you normally do. Then, bring your make-up with you to The Photography Studio, and we may offer suggestions to enhance your features even more for your portraits.


Accessories and Other Stuff


If there is a baby or small child in the photo, family blankets and favorite toys are a great idea. These always make the photos more personal. It's better to bring things we don't end up using than wish for something we don't have!  Also, bring in the baby's car seat. We can use that, covered in fabric or one of your blankets, to support the baby for an individual portrait. Be sure and bring snacks and a bottle for the little one. If they get fussy we can take a time out to cheer them back up. If pets are part of the picture, be sure and bring treats! A leash can also be helpful when we are posing them, although we’ll be sure to keep it hidden, or remove it later digitally.