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Award Winning Photography By Carolyn Wright

The two most common kinds of digital photo files are JPGs and TIFs. JPGs are probably the easiest to use and store. Most software can work with JPGs, and they can be uploaded onto websites and internet applications. Also, they are compressed when they are saved, so when they are stored they take up less space on your hard drive.TIFs are sometimes preferred when the photo is going to be turned into a large, high quality print. A TIF may also be preferred if the photo is going to be changed, worked on and then re-saved. This is because a TIF is NOT compressed. Each time a JPG is saved, the compression causes it to lose a very tiny bit of quality. Printers and photo editors usually prefer to start with the best possible file, even if it is large. Keep in mind, however, that may websites and software programs cannot open or upload TIFs, and TIF files will also take up a lot more storage space on your hard drive than a JPG will. See also: FAQ: What types of products can be made from my photographs?; FAQ: What are your delivery options?