Your portrait will reflect the image you want your business to project, so think about what you want your portrait to say, as well as who your targeted customers are. Are your customers casual folks or fast paced corporate climbers? What are they looking for in you? Should you be friendly and nurturing, like a coach or a therapist? Strong and able to take care of any problems like a broker or a lawyer? Artistic and elegant like a gallery owner or sculptor? Each of these clues should help direct you toward the style of clothing you might want to wear. Formal? Casual? A suit? A sweater? A button down shirt? If you're not sure what to wear just bring several of your favorite outfits, and we can help you select which will photograph the best. Spring or fall colors always look great! Avoid overly bright colors, lots of white, lots of black, big patterns, and large, reflective jewelry. Long sleeves or completely bare arms are better than caps or tee shirt length sleeves.


Hair and Makeup


Make sure you look natural for your portrait - that you look like the person you truly are. DON’T get a new haircut right before your portrait session. If you’re getting it cut, be sure and allow a week or so for it to “settle down” before picture day. If you’re having your hair styled, don’t experiment with a wild new look for your portrait. You’ll probably end up feeling like your portraits look like someone else. It’s fine to go to a stylist before your session, but it’s best to maintain a look you’re already comfortable with. If you wear make-up, apply it as you normally do. Then, bring your make-up with you to The Photography Studio, and we may offer suggestions to enhance your features even more for your portraits.




Feel free to bring a prop or two that represents your business. We may or may not decide to use it, but it's better to have the option. Usually, business portraits are just a simple head and shoulder picture, but you may want other looks that show a three-quarter or full length view for different purposes.  You may want to use different poses for different pages on your website, or different ads, brochures, or press releases.


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