Not sure what to wear? Bring several of your favorite outfits, and we can help you select which will photograph the best. Spring or fall colors always look great! Avoid overly bright colors, lots of white, lots of black, big patterns, and large, reflective jewelry. We want to focus on YOU, not your clothes. Bring casual and/or formal attire – whatever YOU feel most comfortable in. We can provide caps, gowns, tuxes, drapes, and some props. Also, be sure and bring your letter jacket, class ring, sports or band uniform, favorite hat, and any other items of clothing that are special to you.


Hair and Makeup


Make sure you look natural for your portrait - that you look like the person you truly are at this point in your life. DON’T get a new haircut right before your portrait session. If you’re getting it cut, be sure and allow a week or so for it to “settle down” before picture day. If you’re having your hair styled, don’t experiment with a wild new look for your portrait. You’ll probably end up feeling like your portraits look like someone else. It’s fine to go to a stylist before your session, but it’s best to maintain a look you’re already comfortable with. If you wear make-up, apply it as you normally do. Then, bring your make-up with you to The Photography Studio, and we may offer suggestions to enhance your features even more for your portraits.


Accessories and Other Stuff


Bring ANYTHING you like! You can even bring your favorite music and we can crank it up while we shoot. Pets, friends, sports equipment, musical instruments, hobbies, well-worn stuffed animals: all the things you love the most. These pictures will last a lifetime, and we want them to reflect the best moments of your life!




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